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ORiS: transmitting wireless power for future Human Space colonies

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Push the progress of space exploration by transmitting power wirelessly everywhere, enabling missions with a challenging energy demand.


Our goal is to develop a payload that, installed onboard a satellite, can transmit large amounts of wireless power with high pointing accuracy and reliability, and a receiving system able to convert that wireless power back into electricity.

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Da challenge a startup, le idee competitive del Politecnico arrivano sulla Luna

Nato da un’idea di cinque studenti magistrali di ingegneria aerospaziale, il progetto ORiS è arrivato terzo…


Test-it Award - ORiS Proof of concept finanziata da Leonardo con la collaborazione ...

Il 24 gennaio 2023, durante la 15a European Space Conference di Bruxelles, sono stati premiati i vincitori …


First tests for ORiS thanks to investment from the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation

We are excited to announce the beginning of our first experimental tests! We successfully tested and validated laser …

Our Concept

Our High-Tech Vision to power future moon bases

Satellite Constellation – Wireless Power Transmission

ORiS plans to send a satellite constellation into orbit around the moon. The satellites will collect solar energy and transmit it wirelessly with a laser to a receiver on surface, which will convert the energy from the laser into electricity useful to power the future space colony.

Our solutions

key technologies

ORiS believes that to supply energy to a human space colony, more diverse solutions must be found. To achieve this mission we are developing our innovative key technologies, together with the enabling tech to make it all work.

Laser Payload

ORiS is designing its high-power laser payload able to work efficiently in the harsh space environment

Pointing and Control System

A precise and accurate pointing system is capable of reliably hitting the receiver target up to thousands of kilometers away

Thermal Management System

The Thermal Management system must dispose of excess heat due to operation of the laser, enabling it to transfer as much energy as possible to the user


The receiver is designed to convert the energy from the laser into electrical energy, demonstrating an efficiency that is higher than that of a typical solar cell array

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investments received

ORiS raised grant funds, partly funded by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and partly by Leonardo S.p.A. 

ORiS closed a pre-seed investment in exchange for equity with Galaxia – Il Polo Nazionale di Trasferimento Tecnologico dell’Aerospazio.

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